Free Boundaries webinar

Boundaries: Create your Peace

Good boundaries are the key to a great relationship with yourself, with others, and with reality. When you are confident and clear about your boundaries, you honor your wants and needs with integrity. Life's choices become easy, because you know what serves you and what does not.

In this free webinar series, we'll share practical skills and the steps to healthy boundary setting.

What you'll learn:

  • How poor boundaries cause stress, anxiety & loneliness
  • Why boundary setting is hard & how to make it easier
  • When it's time to communicate a boundary
  • 4 Types of Boundaries
  • 6 steps to boundary setting
  • How boundaries can transform your relationships & life

Webinar Details:

We'll be meeting monthly via Zoom

Boundaries will help you create a protected & connected life!

Meet the Facilitators

Juliane Taylor Shore, LMFT, LPC, SEP | Jami Lynn Bula, LMFT, LPC

Jules has been a specialist in trauma recovery and in couples counseling for 12 years, and loves to work experientially because that is how to meet and invite a shift in the implicit mind. She wants to help people find the love and connection and grace they have always longed for, both in themselves and with each other.

Jami Lynn is a relationship and sexuality therapist, her work focuses on practical skills to create an intimate and connected life. She is on a mission to help people love themselves and each other through life's ups and downs.

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